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A Buyers Guide To Motorcycle Clothing

Imagine riding your dream motorcycle in the quiet of the evening, where the roads are empty, and you’re the only one enjoying the freedom of the night, sounds great, right? Owning a stylish motorcycle is many-a-mans dream (and ladies, we can never forget the ladies). An idea that often becomes a reality, after all, it’s a little more obtainable than owning a supercar or having a full-time butler. However with that reality comes risk, we all know motorcycles are dangerous, that’s part of the appeal. So, it’s super important for you to have the best quality motorcycle gear you can, it’s a cliché but think safety first, rather than wish you had when it’s too late.

Driving a car does carry lesser risk than accelerating your two-wheeler, but driving on two wheels is a whole different experience…it’s a lot more than just transportation. So, you have a motorcycle, does the engine size increase the risk of injury? To a degree, yes, but it really boils down to the speed you’re travelling at. Speed aside you’re so exposed the risks are the same so frankly speaking it doesn’t matter whether you’re riding a scooter or a 1200cc motorcycle, there’s a high risk of getting injured should you come off for any reason (including many that are out of your control). That’s why you should buy top quality, protective motorcycle gear for yourself.

So, which motorcycle clothing should you buy? You need to cover all that skin, so get a good jacket, pair of boots and gloves, a helmet and some motorcycle pants or jeans.

Motorcycle Helmets

In an accident, there’s 45% chance the victim will crash onto his or her face, so before buying a helmet make sure to get the best one around. Many helmets aren’t even fully covered, make sure your helmet covers your face too, nobody wants to lose a jaw.

Helmets usually have a lifespan of 5 years, and after that, the material gets weakened making it unsafe. There has always been the tendency to wear old helmets and while you could possibly get away with wearing them a few years past their recommended date (assuming it’s never been dropped…even while carrying) you’re just asking for trouble if your riding in your father’s old skull cap.

A great helmet is an absolute must; there are “far” too many accidents where the victim died through head injury when a good helmet would have saved their lives. None of us wants to be a victim, and most of us think “it will never happen to me” while the wise of us prepare “in case it happens to me”.

Motorcycle helmets - Motorcycle safety guide
SHOEI Helmet

Motorcycle Jackets

Another critical element in your protection arsenal. A proper, high-quality motorcycle jacket will protect all of your upper body skin (other than your hands and head of course).

Your standard denim jacket is a lot better than nothing, but you want one that’s specially designed and tested, ones that are equipped with high tech abrasion resistant fibres. The nice thing about a proper denim jacket is they don’t get as hot as most motorcycle jackets, and they look a lot more stylish too, on and off the motorbike.

Resurgence Gear’s jackets are super-duper strong. In fact, they are made from a patent-pending fabric with the world’s highest breaking point, if yarn (meaning they’re strongest and safest), are breathable (keeping you cool when it’s hot while breaking the wind to prevent air chill), water resistant and look super cool on.

There are countless motorcycle jacket designs and qualities available, so which is the best motorcycle jacket for you and needs?

If you like the look of Resurgence Gear’s jackets then you can’t go wrong, they have been designed to not only provide the world’s best protection but also make you look sharp and feel great with their designer fit.

Resurgence Gear - Rocker Jacket - Guide to buy motorcycle clothing gear

Motorcycle Jeans

We have now covered the upper-body so let us dig into the lower section. Protective pants and motorcycle jeans are really important for the prevention of skin and flesh loss from the legs. Regular pants and jeans won’t help, so you need some that are specially designed for the motorcycle rider.

Resurgence Gear’s jeans are the strongest motorcycle jeans in the world, proven and certified with a 10.83-second record-breaking abrasion rating in our standard Pekev® range. They provide you with the longest slide-time and the highest breaking point of yarn. Resurgence Gear’s motorcycle jeans are also designed to give you the highest level of comfort and style.

When it comes time to buy riding jeans there are a few common questions:

Are motorcycle jeans worth buying? Yes, if they are purpose built and have third-party certification. High-quality motorcycle jeans have saved countless people who would have otherwise lost lives or limbs, been crippled or severely scared.

Are motorcycle jeans safe? Yes, if certified then you can be sure they are safe, never compromise with low-quality motorcycle jeans, many do little more than regular jeans, and that’s next to nothing in a high-speed accident. It’s critical to be aware that motorcycle clothing manufacturers have their products tested new, not after they have been worn and washed for a year or longer. So unless they clearly state their products are wash safe then stay away, UV rays usually degrade these products the same as washing does, so check for that too.

Which motorcycle jeans should you buy? First, make sure they have a certified abrasion rating, and it’s good for wet and dry conditions, they will state this if it is (many abrasion rated products count for little in the wet due to the change in friction). Look at how much coverage you get; we don’t recommend patch protection as things don’t stay in place in an accident. Comfort is important too; many motorcycle jeans simply feel terrible on due to the fabrics and materials they use to provide their protection.

Resurgence Gear - Pekev jeans - Guide to buy motorcycle clothing gear


It’s not only in a crash where a good pair of boots protect you, but motorbikes are also heavy machines, and you want to protect your ankles and feet should one ever fall on you.

Boots that go high on the calf protect a larger area of skin, something to strongly consider as most motorcycle pants don’t protect this area all the way to the ankle.

You want a sole that grips well against the foot pegs and road surface in both wet and dry conditions. Boots with a heal provides a stopping point against the foot pegs; you don’t want your foot slipping off while in tight traffic.

Motorcycle Boots - Guide to buy motorcycle clothing gear


And finally, we get to your mitts. A hand is often the first thing to hit the ground in an accident, the meaty part the palm more often than not. Don’t compromise on quality here, a few extra dollars for high-end gloves could be the best investment you ever made.

In the impact areas, you will want super high abrasion resistant materials like thick leather or Pekev® and even additional thick plastic armour pads for added protection against both friction and impact. In the finger joints and flexion areas, you will need a thinner material to allow the hand to have full movement.

The fit should be firm, so you have optimal dexterity without any blood flow restriction. A wrist strap is typically used to secure the glove firmly in place, thus preventing it from being torn off in an accident and the case of wet weather gloves, keeping the rain and cold out.

Ventilated gloves are excellent in hot riding conditions and help reduce hand sweat, however, when in the cold and wet you would want a waterproof glove. Many riders will have a different pair of motorcycle gloves, so they are covered in both scenarios.

Motorcycle Gloves - Guide to buy motorcycle clothing gear

Motorcycle gear for women

The main difference between men’s and woman’s motorcycle gear is visual and the way the garment is shaped for comfort and the contours of a woman’s body, the protective features are essentially the same. You want comfort, and this means a good-sized fit and a great cut (the way the garment is put together). When it comes to jeans a little flex in the fabric goes a long way in the comfort department, this is equally true for female and male riders.

Resurgence Gear - Guide to buy motorcycle clothing gear

Motorcycle Clothing in USA / New Zealand

Where to get the best gear? For helmets Shoei and Bell both produce great products which provide excellent safety. Here at Resurgence Gear, we have you covered for jackets and pants with the highest safety standards without neglecting comfort and style. As for boots and gloves, we have been tweaking our prototypes for the last couple of years and will soon have these available.

If you’re from New Zealand and want best quality motorcycle pants and jackets, then you should visit this online store Resurgence Gear NZ

Living in USA? Check this website out for your motorcycle clothing needs. Resurgence Gear USA


Riding a motorcycle is an incredible experience, there’s nothing else quite like it, it’s like an amusement ride where all the controls are handed to you, and the limits have been removed.

The importance of motorcycle gear and protective clothing cannot be overstated, most motorcycle-related injuries normally never fully heal, so you need to do your best to prevent them. That means equipping yourself with the best quality safety gear that’s been certified, so you know the claims that the manufacturer’s boasting is in fact genuine.

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