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Hi there, just an email to let you know your selling a great product, unfortunately, I put them through their paces yesterday morning @ 110kph. They’re now polished with very tiny amounts of tearing but they held out a lot better than I expected.

It’ll be some time before I can afford another bike but I’ll be buying another pair when I do.
Cheers, Beau.

Sadly thanks for your jeans again mate, this time at I was traveling a bit faster than 110kph, unfortunately, they had to be cut off this time. When I’m walking again
I’ll flick you an email to purchase another pair.


Hi, you can share this if you’d like, but was going to say anyway – I’ve just recently got into riding, I knew before I started it was highly likely I would crash sooner or later, so I researched thoroughly what was going to be the best, safest, practical riding gear for me before I even got my license. I happened to come across Resurgence eventually, and although Resurgence isn’t yet a well known brand (at least where I’ve asked around) I was convinced enough to buy a pair of jeans. 2 weekends ago I got to test them out the hard way. Came into a tight bend, too fast, from the wrong angle, in unfavourable conditions, and without the natural reflexes to save myself and low-sided going 70km’s an hour. I rolled down the street and luckily ended up on my feet (my bike hit the guardrail unfortunately). I came away with no scrapes or bruises, just a slightly twisted ankle but no real damage. My pants were a little dirtied but otherwise haven’t noticed any damage, and the Knox knee pads surely saved my knees – as they did hit the pavement, I didn’t feel it 😀 


Rex DeLacy

Pekev Lite jeans saved my skin

I recently had a high side between 60-80 kph. The Pekev lite jeans held up wonderfully. Only some small holes around the front pocket area. I will be buying more resurgence gear. Thanx for your product.

Garrie Ferguson
North Coast V-Twins


Just wanted to pass on how impressed I am with my Resurgence Jeans.

I purchased my Jeans from North Coast V-Twins, Coffs Harbour, only a few days prior to leaving for a ride from Coffs Harbour to Perth return.

I rode from Coffs Harbour to Sydney, on the first leg, with only the hip armour in place, as I was concerned that the jeans, having  a straight leg design and being a relatively snug fit, that the Knee Armour would be uncomfortable.

My concerns were quickly alleviated, as I rode the rest of the entire journey, from Sydney, with the Knee Armour in place! 

To be honest, I did not notice either sets of armour as they were so soft and flexible and ultimately unbelievably  comfortable!!

As a rider of some 40 plus years riding under my belt, I feel I can safely say at this point, that my Resurgence Indigo Sport Jeans, are the most comfortable pair of rider jeans / pants I have ever worn.

Not only are Resurgence Jeans great riding apparel, their stylish cut, make them a good jean to wear out after a days ride without looking like looking out of place.

I am more than happy to recommend Resurgence Jeans to any Motorcycle Rider for their comfort, fit, adaptability and durability.  


Ashley Beaton
North Coast V-Twins

Hi Team

Just would like to say how well the Resurgence Jeans and Armor worked in an accident that I was unfortunate enough to be in recently, I had other protective gear on, including a high grade helmet, Jacket with Body armor and Riding Boot’s that all went in the bin afterwards, I received broken ribs and collar bone and grazes to my upper body where the Jacket tore apart the Jeans were the only items that survived with no injuries or even a bruise to my lower body.

Speed at the time for legal reasons we will say 100km’s per hour on bitumen but could have been a little higher. 

Kind Regards,

Dealer Principal

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Dave Norriss
Perth Based Harley Night Rod Rider

” Totally into my new Ultra-Lite jeans, perfect for the WA climate – lightweight and breathable. They keep me cool while still giving protection. And on top of it all they are water resistant.”

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wearing resurgence gear safest motorcycle jeans
Ric Burke
Champion Motard & Jet Sprint Racer

“On the road and on the track you’ve got to be protected. That’s why I wear Resurgence Gear, not only is it the safest but it’s the most comfortable to ride in.”

wearing resurgence gear safest motorcycle jeans
wearing world's safest motorcycle jeans
Jono Jessen
Hamilton Based Custom Harley Rider

“If you want the best combination of protection, style and comfort then Resurgence Gear is definitely the brand you’re after!”

wearing world's safest motorcycle jeans
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